Site 1: Introduction

Site 1 is a site focussed around one core question which can then be customised to produce hundreds and thousands of keywords which receive anywhere from a few hundred searches a month through to thousands according to SEMRush.

The actual niche or question being used isn’t going to be revealed. But to explain the concept further, here are a few examples:

“Can You Drink the Tap Water In _____?”
“What Age Can You Drive In _____?”
“What Should I Buy a _____ Year Old?”
“Is _____ Real or Fake?”

These are all core questions which can almost infinitely be customised to produce hundreds of keywords. If using SEMRush, you can simply input these core questions and it’ll spit out hundreds of keywords.

My aim with Site 1 is to grow it, initially to 10,000 sessions per month so that it can be monetised with Ezoic. I will then be looking to grow it, almost exponentially to 100,000 sessions per month to apply to Adthrive. The main goal for this site is to hit $1,000 in ad revenue solely from display ads.

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