Site 1: Up to $166 Monthly Revenue [Month 8 to 9]

If you haven’t done so already, then make sure you check out my introduction to Site 1. This will briefly (and vaguely) explain what Site 1 is about and what my aims are with this site.

This post is to summarise what has happened over the last 2 months (August and September). I avoid writing monthly updates as they can become quite monotonous with little to report except more content was published. But with $100 in monthly revenue being achieved, traffic growing and a few interesting findings in September – I thought now would make for a great update:

Month 8 [Aug]: Over $100 Revenue

There really is nothing to report in August. It was a pretty poor month in terms of productivity with just 12 articles published and just over 12,000 words. Most importantly, however, was the traffic and revenue changes.

Traffic increased by 42% and revenue increase 85% to take the monthly revenue over $100 for the first time. I know this month’s update is far from interesting or thought-provoking but it does go to show that when building a niche site you will spend the majority of your time on just published content.

Month 9 [Sep]: So Close to 25,000 Sessions

At the end of August, I don’t know what I did but I tweaked a few placements on Ezoic and messed everything up which saw my RPM plummet for the first week of September. I messaged my Ezoic account manager in a panic and within 48hrs they had it all rectified and back to normal but this did mess up my RPM for the first week or so of September hence the slow growth between August and September. That’ll teach me!

Talking of Ezoic, they provide a lot of analytics so you can determine what pages are working well, which have the best RPM and so on. One stat they have is RPM rate based on content length. As you can imagine, the longer the content the higher the RPM. In fact, going from 500 words to 1,000 words can see the RPM double. In September, I wanted to put this to the test so have focussed on producing slightly longer pieces of content – not long-form but over 1,000 words.

The content on this site answers one question per article so I was wary of adding fluff for the sake of it but have instead focussed on adding extra relevant questions to the posts to make them long. Here’s hoping this has an impact on the overall revenue once these pages begin to rank in a few weeks time.

The good news is that I did a far better job at publishing content in September. There was a healthy jump in traffic, a nice bit of revenue growth and, for the first time, I hit over 1,000 visitors in a day.

Backlink Outreach Fail

I have never done any backlink outreach. The traffic and revenue I have generated so far have simply been through ranking organically with no effort on backlinks. But I thought I’d have a go at changing that.

I have one post that sends over 200 clicks to another website every week! It’s just another blog in the same broad niche as myself but not a direct competitor. I thought this would make for the perfect, tailored backlink partner. I dropped them an email to just say hey and share the traffic stats I was seeing to see if they’d be interested in linking back.

I heard nothing.

I followed up to see if I could get a reply. But nothing again.

Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky. But for the time being, I’m putting the backlink outreach on the back-burner and returning to my main focus of writing content that Google seems to like.


Below you can see a complete breakdown of how things went in terms of traffic, content and revenue:

Jan 2027925,94326$0.01
Feb 2020700$0.11
Mar 201,34511,86614$0.72
Apr 204,23524,07128$2.29
May 207,1544,2936$1.75
Jun 2010,31416,97521$3.27
Jul 2013,85133,12441$60.24
Aug 2019,68312,11112$111.58
Sep 2024,80732,36532$166.14

I’m still seeing month-on-month revenue and traffic growth. I do have to keep pinching myself whenever I see the traffic grow more. For what is essentially an incredibly simple site and niche I continue to be impressed with how things are growing and am looking forward to seeing how things progress over the coming months and years.

Any questions just fire away in the comments section below:

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